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Welcome to the Movement!

Happy New Year to all you amazing people! This will be the first of many updates that I will be providing to our community. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us on this journey to true Employee Advocacy. Whether you are an employee looking to advocate for yourself and others in the workplace, or you are an HR professional who wants to learn how you can escape the corporate madness and be a true advocate for employees, you are in the right place! I promise!

While we are not pursuing millions in funding like similar services who sell directly to businesses, what we DO have is HEART (and lots of it!). And, as long as we have that (and a few dollars from my dwindling savings lol + a few generous volunteers), we can have it ALL :-)


I started out with this concept as a form of peer coaching so that we could help EACH OTHER. That concept still exists, as Workplace Success Coaching.

However, I quickly realized that in order for us to truly be on an equal playing field with companies and their leadership, we need EXPERTS who know the ends and outs of HR, employment law, and the behind-the-scene, inner workings of corporations. We need these true employee advocates working hand-in-hand with us and going toe-to-toe with those who work against us.

The MyZolve - HR's Alter Ego platform allows us to do just that but goes a step further by placing this advice into the palm of our hands via technology. And, as far as functionality is concerned, we are LOADED. Tell me what you think so far! You can e-mail me directly at


That being said, I am so happy to announce that we will be onboarding our first independent, true Employee Advocate this month and after that we will be onboarding a PT (for now) Operations Leader to ensure we are addressing any process and legal issues proactively and to keep MyZolve - HR's Alter Ego as efficient and impactful as possible.


To date, over 200 employees have the MyZolve mobile app installed on their phones across Android and iOS platforms. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the most successful apps out there today.

The true testament to our future traction will be the number of employees who actually REGISTER for an account. Only then can an employee purchase and add credits to their accounts to use for on-demand chats and schedule calls with their Employee Advocate.


Until we have increased awareness around the concept of true Employee Advocacy and traction via the site and app store traffic, this area may appear somewhat underwhelming. However, I want to ensure that I keep you abreast of what numbers I am keeping top of mind so far in 2022:

  • Mobile app downloads - 220

  • Registered Users - 120

  • Revenue Goal - $250,000

  • Current Runway - 12 months (founder funding)

What's Next

The best way YOU can help is to tell all of your coworkers, friends, family neighbors, enemies, etc. to download the app and register for an account. The larger our registered base is, the more quickly credits will begin to flow through our deposit and withdrawal system within the application, which means both a likelihood of better work environments AND revenue for MyZolve to bring on more true Employee Advocates. Additionally, we are able to donate credits to those who need them the most, but lack the funds to purchase them.

I am ALWAYS happy to hear from you! Like, seriously y'all...reach out! My direct e-mail is and I am also giving away free credits to those interested in trying the app, so let me know who you are and I will transfer you a few :-)

Until next time,

MeMe Scott, Founder, Chief Employee Advocate, and HR's Alter Ego :-)

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