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Employee of Choice Programs


EOC is an organization committed to improving the world's citizens ability to interact more effectively in the workplace in order to improve their chances of success, retention of employment, and to reduce unemployment and underemployment rates. 


The seek to fill this gap by providing customizable programs that properly prepare youth, young adults, and the general workforce with essential interaction skills, job readiness skills, and problem-solving skills. This will lead to a workforce of Employees of Choice.

EOC's Vision is to positively impact communities and the nation’s economic status and poverty levels via the evolution of the way employees and organizations interact both in and out of the workplace.

EOC’s Mission is to evolve the interaction between organizations and individuals through a focus on the four E’s: Educate, Encourage, Empower, and Evolve:


We believe that educating individual employees is just as important as developing leaders.  EOC offers workshops, trainings, simulations, and more in order to educate employees of all levels on the essentials of workplace interaction.  Our Educate Modules form the foundation for each of our programs.


Encouragement and motivation are a focal part of individual success and ultimately that of groups and organizations.  EOC provides training and facilitation to individuals and groups that support this belief by offering topics central to creating an environment of engagement within organizations.



Individuals like to be empowered to be the best they can be whether in a work or general community setting.  The Academy addresses this need via topics such as Trust & Credibility, Goal & Objective Setting, and Peer Delegation.


The evolution of the way organizations and employees (society) interact requires effective dialogue between individuals and organizational leaders. 

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