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"We have to look out for the best interests of the employee!"

Meme Scott, Founder & CEO

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Employee Advocacy




Employee of Choice, Inc. is an organization committed to advocating for the world's citizens in the workplace and improving their ability to interact more effectively at work in order to reduce the likelihood of unemployment (aka getting fired). We work with you to get things done and when cooperation from the other side is not evident, we advocate on your behalf for the best possible outcome! Here you will find a safe space for discussing and resolving your workplace concerns.




EOC works with employees at all levels with a special focus on those in non-leadership roles.

Recent graduates and experienced employees are especially welcome as we offer work environment advice, Employee Advocacy representation, workshops and seminars as well as group and individual workplace success advisement to those who are ready to feel encouraged and empowered to address their workplace issues promptly. 

Through our community outreach efforts, EOC also works with youth and disadvantaged communities to bring our vision full circle.  You can get more information by contacting us at info@employeeofchoice.org or




EOC's vision is to create safe spaces for employees to discuss and resolve workplace issues. We provide Workplace Success Advice, Employee Advocacy, coaching, and training that prepares citizens with essential workplace interaction and problem-solving skills. EOC works directly with employees and does not accept funds from corporations in order to avoid bias and ensure confidentiality for our employee-clients. 



The EOC team has over 40 collective years of workforce development, human resources leadership, legal, and training experience.  We have talented, experienced Workplace Success Advisors, attorneys, trainers, facilitators, and career coaches who are eager to meet you and your co-workers!



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